The most frequently asked questions and answers at a glance:

About sozmap

What does sozmap stand for?
sozmap (social map) is a meta search platform for social services of all kinds. You can find more information here.

In which countries is sozmap active?
sozmap was designed to be globally active. The starting signal was given in Switzerland & Liechtenstein.

How many social service organizations are there in Switzerland & Liechtenstein?
The sozmap team estimates the total number of organizations in the field of social services at around 12.000.

With how many service offers has sozmap started?
sozmap starts with more than 3.500 organizations and covers over 25% of the estimated market.

In which languages can sozmap be used?
sozmap starts with the following languages: German, English, French and Italian. In the website menu the languages can be changed accordingly (DE, EN, FR, IT).

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For Users - search for social services

How do I find the best service for me?
Use our search options to narrow down your search. Once you have found the best service for you, simply click on the offer (on the map or results list). Click here to go to the sozmap search.

What search options does sozmap offer?

  • Navigation by keyword search
  • Navigation by map
  • Navigation via filter
  • Navigation using combinations of word search, map or filter

Keyword search?
In the input field (search website) you can enter keywords of all kinds, for example, old people's home, daycare, nursing, psychotherapy, residential group, etc. The view of the map as well as the result list adapts dynamically to your search entries.

Navigation by map?
Click on the map to enlarge or reduce your search as you wish. The view of the result list adapts dynamically to your search radius. If you use a smartphone or tablet, you can also use the touch function to perform your search.

Navigation with filters?
sozmap provides you with various filters for your search. These can be used individually or in combination. The view of the map as well as the result list adapts dynamically to your search.

sozmap traffic light system - what does it mean when an organization is marked with the colors (GREY, green, yellow or red) on the map?
The color marking enables you to quickly get information about available capacity of the underlying offer (green = free capacity; yellow = foreseeable free capacity, red = no capacity and grey = capacity information currently not provided).

On which digital devices can sozmap be used?
sozmap was designed to be used on all digital devices, such as PC, tablet or smartphone.

For organizations - offering social services

How can I benefit from sozmap as an organization of social services?
In general, sozmap enables organizations of social services to become visible. sozmap enables the searcher to get a comprehensive view of social services without the need for the searcher to have specific knowledge of the desired organization.

In particular, sozmap enables the organization to present detailed information about its offer as well as free capacities transparently. sozmap enables organizations to be found by versatile user groups - from offer users to experts/assessors to potential funding partners.

What do I have to do to get my organization to appear on sozmap?
A registration on sozmap can be done with little effort. Please fill out the following form. We will contact you immediately.

What does it cost me to have my organization appear on sozmap?
sozmap allows free use for two years. After that, the organization can choose between a basic (free service) or premium subscription (paid service).

Why is my organization on sozmap?
sozmap creates a basic profile based on publicly available information.

Support & Contact

Whom should I approach?
We would be pleased to hear from you.